A Famous Russian Town

Ufa is the second largest city and capital of the Russian Federation. The city lies on the banks of the Ufa and Belaya rivers, at the crossroads of the mighty Belaya and Ufa Rivers. The chief industries of Ufa have been production of dairy, sugarcane, grains, metalworking, textiles, clothing, leather and tobacco. Besides, Ufa has a port and a huge industrial zone. Besides, there are many beautiful places to visit and enjoy.


Ufa has some beautiful historic buildings. Among them, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas is the most famous. It is located in the city center and has one of the finest painted buildings in ufa, depicting the encounter of Christ with the noucher (king). In the same area, you can find another beautiful building, called the “house museum”.

The “house museum” is located inside the Ufa itself, and you can take a special train ride and visit the museum. You will see all types of furniture, such as chairs, tables, armchairs, beds, chests, wardrobes, etc. The interior of the house museum is like a living example of ufa traditions. The special collections include an antique clock, an ornamented grandfather clock, an ornate cupboard, a wardrobe, several works of metal decoration and Russian porcelain.

The third largest city, and the largest producer of steel in ufa, are Ufa’s second largest town. The main industries in this town are processing, steel manufacturing and steel car manufacturing. In this town you can visit the “metallurgical complex”. It has a modern plant, including a few buildings. This complex consists of about 200 buildings, including repair shops and distribution points, a large plant, a power plant, a grain drying factory and a distillery.

The capital Ufa and the third largest city in ufa are both on the banks of river Irtogrulnok. To reach the capital, it is easy to take a freight train. A one way ticket costs around 100 rubles, and there are many bus routes, taxis and cars. You can get to the President Hotel from the airport, and the railway station. From the President Hotel you can take the railway line to bashkortostan and the other towns along the river.

The most important point of visiting Ufa is its Cathedral and its churches. The Cathedral is definitely one of the most important places to visit in Ufa, as it was built almost 400 years ago. The church has four pulpits and is made of marble and granite. It is visited by some Russian Orthodox Christians. Many people from the former Soviet Union to visit the place. In recent years the place has been developed.