A Brief Introduction To Ufa

Ufa is among the biggest cities in Russia, the second largest city in Bashkortostan Oblast, formerly known as Stavropol. It is also one of Russia’s largest economic, educational, technological, spiritual, and environmental centers, located around 1,340 kilometers east of Moscow. Ufa is also known by the name of “the new Moscow” because it has become a fast developing industrial and commercial center. As a result of these factors, many businesses, both big and small, have set up their operations here. Sportbooks are one such company. Many of them have established their headquarters in this city.


The main economic and political center of ufa is Bashkortostan Republic, which is located along the banks of River Rasht river. The city was divided into two parts: Ufa oblast and Ufa st Petersburg. Until recently, the region was considered backward by most tourists, but nowadays it has turned out to be an interesting transportation hub that offers a lot of interesting sights, sounds, and even recreational opportunities. It was in 1992, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and many economic and social changes took place. Many economic and educational institutions were closed down, and most of them were relocated to Ufa, which became one of Russia’s main economic, cultural, and political centers.

At present, the region is considered to be one of leading Russian cities. Besides being a transport hub for goods, passengers, and cargo, Ufa has become a popular tourist destination because of its rich cultural heritage. Muscovites’ architectural masterpieces, paintings, and other artistic decorations reflect a long history of culture and art in Russia. In addition, the city has some of the finest museums, which showcase Russia’s achievements in art, literature, architecture, and film industry. Some of these museums are Museum of Contemporary Art, Pushkin Gallery, and the National Gallery, both in Moscow; and Sennaya studios, National Museum of Modern Art, St. Petersburg Art Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Arts, Moscow.

Besides these important cultural events, Ufa is also famous for its cultural festivals, including “documents of national character” festival, music concerts, ballets, theatrical productions, dances, and films. The most impressive architectural monuments in ufa are fortress, palaces, and churches. Most of them have interesting stories about their origins and construction. They also represent the grandeur and wealth of early Russian culture. Among the architectural monuments of Russian capital, few can compare with the Cathedral of St. Nicholas (tsaronskoy imlay) – it is one of those colossal historic buildings with enormous size, grand design, and exceptional construction.

Besides such architectural wonders, the Ufa region also has a rich history. It was the centre of numerous cultural and historical events, including “the Golden Horde” and “Theophrastus”. Moreover, the Russian government had started building these impressive constructions at different locations, like the fortress of Dashikonti, village of Dashskurskoy, village of Tverskoy, village of Oktogrulnoe, village of Kirovsk, village of Novgorod, village of Dobriya, village of Sumgolii, and others. In particular, Tverskoy and Oktogrulnoe are known for their impressive collections of paintings. Besides, Russian Empire started construction of Donets’ Cathedral, which is one of the highest and finest churches in the world. The Cathedral has impressive bell tower, decorated by the famous Peter Ivanoff.

The UFA is highly popular among all tourists visiting Russia this summer. Its location in the Russian countryside makes it an unforgettable experience for every visitor. The best time to visit UFA is from October to March. Another important thing about UFA is that even though it is not a state owned property, yet, there are some strict conditions, which need to be followed by all visitors. You need to follow some special rules for traveling in the UFA, like, you need to have Russian passport or visa, you have to hire a cab, you can’t walk on the street, you can’t take any pictures without permission, you can’t turn the radio, television or any other electronic device on. Besides, you need to take care of your footwear at all times.