A Brief Introduction To Ufa, Russia

Ufa is the largest town of the Russian Federation. It lies on the bank of the Belaya (White) river and is now one of its most important cities in terms of total land mass covered. In the early days of its existence it was also the largest city of Khabarovsk. During the period of the Mongol domination, their biggest city was located here. At that time the city had a population of more than a million people.

Ufa has two terminal airports – the Ufa International Airport and the Ufa City airport. The latter is just a few kilometers away from Ufa. Both the airports serve different purposes. As there are flights coming in every day from Ufa to all major cities of Russia and other parts of the world, the airport serves as the main gateway for foreign passengers. Besides, it also connects Ufa to the capitals of various other countries such as Moscow, China, Ukraine, Iran, Switzerland etc.

Besides offering cheap flights to Ufa, the airport offers a wide range of services related to accommodation, food, shops etc. The rail terminus located nearby also provides rail connectivity to the town. The railway station of Ufa shares its serving platform with the regional railway of the country. The railway station is connected to the railway of Muscat, the capital city of ufa. The railway station of Muscat connects the capital city of ufa to the rest of northern Russia, including Kazmatyn, Tverla, Epsilon and others.

Traveling between Ufa and Russia is very easy through rail. The rail network connecting Ufa with Moscow, Krasnogor and other cities of Russia is the most popular mode of transport. Flights from Ufa to any other Russian city of destinations in Russia or other parts of the world is also possible. The journey takes about two days in most cases. However, flights from Ufa to the CIS countries take much lesser time as compared to journeys from Ufa to other countries.

At the Ufa international airport, there is a guest house called “Verkhod”, which has the capacity to accommodate travelers. This house is available all through the year and offers comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. The house also has a restaurant where one can order food and drinks on payment through the use of credit card. The restaurant serves a variety of food items such as specialties, sandwiches, salads, steaks etc. The restaurant serves all types of food items, but at much cheaper rates than at the hotels in Ufa.

Besides these, a few markets in Ufa also sell goods, mostly agricultural products like vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products at very cheap prices. The “Tsitelka” and “Shashlik” shops are located in the street in front of” Lenina Street”. A few other shopping streets are named after people, who have been very popular among the Russian citizens, like “Kamenets” and” Sparta”.