A Brief Introduction To Ufa and Moscow

Ufa is the largest town of the Russian Federation. It is located on the bank of the Belaya (White) River in the North of Obruzansk. During the early time of the Mongol empire, their biggest city was also located here, bashgirdt. Its name was changed from Tovar as it was under the control of the Mongols. After independence, the town became known as Ufa.


The most important architectural landmark in ufa is the “Zhdan Kutais”, which was built in 1727 by Grand Khanate of Khorezm. It stands on the highest level at the city center. It consists of seven floors and was once the tallest house museum in the world. In this museum, you can see the houses of khorezms that were destroyed by the Mughals. This museum also has a museum called the “Khrud”, which has collections of works of various artists depicting different topics. Besides, there is an open-air theatre called” Kovalevsky” (“Theaters”) which was built in 1960.

Besides, the UFA has its national house museum. It was established in 1932 by the leader of Ufa’s city council, Ezhym C. Yashmin. The museum displays diverse forms of arts of Russian culture, such as furniture, bead and ornament, metalworking, wood craft, stone and mosaic work, photography, ceramic art, pottery, etc. The museum was built mainly for the education of children. In it, you can find many works of art of famous Russian writers and artists, such as Peter Pushkin, Alexey Petyagin, Ivan Petrovichitch, Vasili Oschepkovsky and Aleksandr Pushkin.

Besides, the most popular attractions of Ufa are the spectacular monuments and the impressive palaces, which can be found on all sides of ufa airport. Among them are the Town Hall, the fortress “Zhdanova” (” fortress”) and the Golden House. The fortress “Zhdanova” (” fortress”) is a part of the world’s most frequently visited tourist destination. It was founded in the 13th century by Princeps of Kiev and later served as one of the emirates of Muscovy. Today, it is a picturesque and distinctive urban spot.

Moreover, the other most popular places to be found are the museums, including the Museum of Russian Art, National Museum of Uralia, Gallery of Uralic Books and the Museum of Ancient Documents. At the same time, the other popular UFA accommodation in Moscow include Leninska (the Old Town), Semmerikha (the Old State Museum), Pushkinska (the Museum of Foreign Trade) and the Gold Market. In addition, there are many less frequented UFA accommodation options in Saint Petersburg including the Severina Hotel, theastsky Hotel and the Podolsky Hotel. Besides, you can also find some nice hotels in Moscow, such as the Oktyabryani Hotel, the Mikhail Khodorkov Hotel and the Tverskaya Hotel. The prices of these hotels vary according to the location, amenities and the number of guests.

The journey from Ufa to Moscow takes about three hours. The journey from Ufa to belaya is also a typical experience, which takes two days. As stated above, the main attractions of ufa include the towns of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the region of Uralia. Thus, travelers prefer these particular cities be visited in a round-trip manner. They are fascinated by the architectural remains and the cultural traditions of these regions, and they would like to visit the places once.