A Brief History of UFA


A Brief History of UFA

Ufa or Unocal is the leading business organization of the world in the domain of energy management. It is based in Houston, Texas and is composed of global and regional leaders in the energy market. The Ufa includes a number of companies and divisions.

Ufa itself possesses big engineering industries all made up of telecommunication, power and engineering machinery, computers, chemical processing, typewriters, and railroad equipment. Ufa is primarily a focus of pipeline and rail lines at the heart of commercial navigation in Belaya. It is also the owner of the largest refinery in the world which caters to the needs of the shipping and transportation of crude oil and natural gas liquids. The Ufa refinery holds a monopoly on the trade in the export of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG). Other than that, Ufa also owns the Trans Pipeline, which connects the terminals of the Eastern and Western hemispheres of the country.

The company boasts a fleet of the world’s most modern ships including the Polar Star Liner, which provides accommodation for up to five hundred people and the Polar Star Trader which accommodate up to twelve hundred people. At present, Ufa has vessels loading and unloading with a capacity of more than two million barrels of oil per day. It has vessels transporting gasoline and diesel as well. The largest vessels in their fleet are the Polar Star refrigerated express freight ships which carry goods worth more than six billion dollars annually.

The Polar Star Refrigerated Transfer Dock is a one-year depot-on-port facility which can handle the import and export of uncooked fish, frozen fish and meat and uncooked fruits and vegetables and the gas and oil storage and distribution requirements. It is located at Aktarer, Eskoba and Neftegerdi in Turkey. The terminal facility is capable of handling three million barrels of gas and six million barrels of diesel per day. The other vessels include the Turkey West Coast Refinery which handles all processed chemical products such as detergents, fuels, chemicals, coal, limestone, sludge, lubricants and others, the Aktarer Refrigeration Farm, a one-year storage facility and the Cinar berth freezer facility which provides up to nine hundred tons of ice per annum.

In November 2021, Ufa signed a three-year agreement with the Turkish Ministry of Transport and shipping. The contract was signed on behalf of the Turkish transport minister who is responsible for the firm’s growth in the country. The contract was signed after detailed discussions which lasted for over three days. During the negotiations, the firm was able to increase its share of the market to over one million barrels per day with the introduction of new facilities. The Turkish authorities were extremely happy with this development as it indicates the level of competence of the firm.

In March 2021, Ufa received an additional one million dollar contract from the Turkish government for the operation of the Aktarer Refrigeration Plant. Under the contract, the firm will be able to build the Aktarer Refrigeration Plant which will be utilised to manufacture chilled liquids and gases, as well as convert ammonia gas into ammonia gas and convert hydrogen into water. Another facility that the firm is going to develop is the Eskalim facility, which will be used to manufacture coolants for refrigeration. The firm has plans to expand these facilities to ten million barrels per day and create around two hundred thousand jobs.