A Brief Guide to Russia

Ufa is among the greatest cities in Russia, the capital city of Bashkortostan region. It is among the greatest economic, cultural, educational, spiritual, and political centers of the nation, an extremely important transportation hub, located around 1,340 kilometers southeast of Moscow. The city is a large industrial, financial, and cultural center. Besides, Ufa has been attracting tourists, who come to experience the wonders of nature of Ufa and to explore the remote cultural roots of Russian people. It was selected as one of “Ten Paradises of Russia” by the National Geographic Traveler.


The capital city of ufa is considered the most perfect place for tourism and travel. The place is popular all over the world, particularly among the global jet set. To enjoy their vacation in Russia with ease, fly to ufa airport, take a train from it, and proceed to explore the wonderful attractions of ufa by rail. There are plenty of sightseeing spots and tourist destinations to be explored in and around the city.

Tourists who come to visit ufa will find that the city center of ufa has everything that they want: shopping malls, restaurants, modern buildings, state-of-the-art telecommunications, and modern hotels. Tourists can find shops selling everything from shoes and clothes to art and souvenirs. Some of the popular shopping areas of ufa include Bolshoi-Uzhorskoy, Ovshivskiy, Novosyruzhnaya, Plevenski, Starobromy kreshno, and St. Petersburg. Tourists can find excellent restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world at various price ranges. The city center of ufa has all the modern conveniences and services that travelers will need during their stay in the region.

When it comes to accommodation, visitors are advised to stay in hotels in and around the central area of ufa. The cheapest hotels in ufa are located in the city center and along the main boulevards. If budget is not a concern, then tourists should stay at one of the expensive hotels in ufa such as the president hotel, Severina, or the bashkortostan hotel. These hotels have reasonable rates, and some even have discounts for students, pensioners, single parents, or military personnel.

If luxury is more to the liking, then there are five-star hotels in ufa. At these hotels, there are endless amenities and services that will please every aspect of a traveler’s needs. When checking in, tourists should look for services such as shuttle service, valet parking, concierge, airport parking, Wi-Fi access, and business center. For those who are interested in fine dining, then they will find a number of restaurants in ufa ranging from fast food to fine dining.

The currency exchange rate in ufa is worth ten rubles for one Russian ruble. Visitors to this beautiful country will find that prices of foreign currency are very much lower in ufa than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. The currency value of this country is still very much dependent on tourism, so the exchange rate plays an important role in its economy. Tourists can also use the local ATMs to cash in their foreign currencies.