A Bit of History

The Russian town of Ufa is located on the Volga River, the regional capital of the region of Bashkorton about 1200km east of Moscow. The term “Ufa” means “the big city” and is a nickname for the town. A drive along the mountains and you will come across many beautiful villages such as Ovgonitsyn, Chashchin, Krasnitsyn, and others. “Staying in a Ufa” is an interesting way to get to know the region as it is not only home to a large number of ethnic minority groups but has become a major cultural center for retirees from Moscow itself.


Ovgonitsyn is one of the most interesting cities in which to stay as it is situated right at the confluence with the Volga River and the foothills of the Golden Mountain range and is known for its temperate climate. “Krasnitsyn Old Town” is one of the best preserved historic towns in all of Russia with many museums, historical buildings, monuments and a house museum. “Chashchin” is the name of one of the most important places in Ovgonitsyn as it is located right next to the railway station. The city center is very busy during the day but relaxing at night when the lights go down.

The second largest town in Ovgonitsyn is “Podopres” or “Podsport”. The reason for this change in the name is because there are no hotels in the passport and the nearest hotels in ufa are only about 2 km from the airport. The most important thing to see in Ovgonitsyn is “Krasnitsyn”. There is a small bridge just for tourists that cross the bridge over the river “Krasnitsyn” that crosses the railway station. It’s not easy to find out information about this town however I have seen some photos online and it does look like a nice place to visit.

The third and last largest town in Ovgonitsyn is “Rubels Per Person”. This town is very popular among tourists in addition to locals and is near the Ufa railway station and the presidential hotel. The hotel in ufa is only about two kilometers from the train station and the main building in town is a nice old Soviet style building. The most important building in town is the “Central Hotel”, it overlooks the river “Krasnitsyn”.

The third building is the “Sasha Cathedral”. This church was built in homage to the leaders of ufa including the first president of ufa and his wife. The museum inside the church contains many antiques, works of art and weapons used by the military during their reign. The Sasha Cathedral is also where you can see the statue of Stepan the greatest leader of the communist movement. You can’t visit the church without paying a fee, which is around 15 dollars.

These three museums are my favorites and I would definitely go back if I were in ufa. They tell great stories about the history of ufa and also give a view into the lives of ordinary people. You can also visit other great places in ufa such as the Victory arch, a monument to the people of ufa and a restaurant named after Aleksandr Pushkin, the famous writer of ballets. My favorite place to eat is at the “Krasnitsyn Restaurant”, it’s a nice restaurant and it overlooks the river. These three museums and the house museum ufa are some of the most popular tourist places in ufa.